The Factory

The main factory covers an indoor surface area of approximately 3,000 square metres, plus an outside area of approximately 10,000 square metres. The building is divided into a number of bays served by overhead travelling cranes that can support loads weighing up to 6.3 tons.
Cosmel occupies a strategic position close to the “Cuggiono Nord” junction on the SS.336, 10 minutes from Milan Malpensa airport (MXP) and from the main motorways in the North West of the country (A4, A8 and A9).






Large horizontal

Maximum dimensions

1000 x 3300 [mm]



Maximum dimensions

400 x 1000 [mm]


Large vertical

Maximum dimensions

1350 x 1000 [mm]

Deep Drilling



  • 6/7 m maximum depth
    240 mm hole dimensions
    also operates on square bars
  • 5 m maximum depth
    5-65 mm hole dimensions

Work centres



Maximum dimensions

2100x 1500y 1500z [mm]



Maximum dimensions

1200 x 800 y 700 z [mm]


  • 3D measurement machine (900 cube, class 1 certificate)
  • Resetting bench (L up to 1,500 mm)

Other processing

The company can in any case handle finished components, including any treatments, such as:

  • Tempering
  • Nitriding
  • Nickel plating
  • Chrome plating

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    A highly-flexible structure, varied technological assets, and extensive experience in the manufacture of enormously diverse items allow COSMEL to manufacture components that can be applied in the widest possible variety of product sectors. Starting from the technical designs supplied by its clients, COSMEL is able to develop customised production processes that can meet the needs of the most discerning domestic and international clientele.
    Turning, milling, drilling and deep drilling, cutting, threading, cylindrical and surface grinding processes can be executed in order to produce small detailed parts, and also medium-sized pieces on most materials.
    COSMEL can also handle processes for teething, broaching, electro-erosion, all heat treatments, (tempering, induction tempering, vacuum ….) and protective treatments (nickel plating, chrome plating, galvanizing, burnishing).

    Why choose COSMEL?

    Flexibility, punctual delivery, assistance in the design process, elevated production quality, utilisation of high-level technology, materials warehouse, are only some of the reasons for choosing COSMEL; a trustworthy and competent production partner in the mechanical processing sector, the perfect choice for discerning clients.